Lilith Fair

The Celebration of Women in Music

Lilith Sampler
I was wondering if anyone knew if they gave out the free samplers at this reincarnation of Lilith. When I went to ones in the past, when you got there early (at doors open) they were handing out free sampler CDs with Lilith artists. I got there late to this latest one and I wasn't sure if I missed it or if there wasn't one. The ones from the 90s were amazing, I discovered so many artists from them!

If there was one this year can someone post the tracklisting?

Lilith Announcement and Changes
If you haven't seen the announcement yet, they've canceled the last 10 stops of the tour officially.

ALSO...better double check the line-ups for your own shows because they've taken 2 off the one I was going to (one of which was the only reason my friend wanted to go at all) and replaced them with only 1.

This has been a bit of a clusterfuck on their part. What a mess.

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Live Sarah concert starts in 30 minutes!

Lilith Times
Has there been any word on the times (meaning gates open/close) for any of the shows?

I seem to remember the ones from years past ending at like 11pm-12am. I am trying to figure out so I know whether driving home afterward is feasible. The site doesn't seem to have any information (what a shock!).

here comes Lilith!
no one's got it all
I managed to not post anything here while most of the line ups were announced and tickets were made available, but now that the tour is just a little over a month from starting I thought it was a good time to check in on this lovely, albeit small, community.

So! Who has bought tickets for a Lilith Fair date this summer? And which one are you going to? I'll be at the Mountain View (San Francisco) show on July 5th.

Also, this is an interesting article that was posted on the facebook and twitter pages for Lilith Fair today. It mentions some of the same topics we discussed in one of my previous posts, including St. Vincent's negative remarks about the festival.

Also also, the Local Talent Search is underway, so if you're interested in entering or voting head over to the Lilith Fair website!

no one's got it all
Another list of announced artists was released last week, and more confirmed cities have been trickling in as well. Today more details were given about the local talent search to perform at Lilith Fair. This information can be found here. If you're not an aspiring singer/songwriter yourself but would like to vote on who performs in your city, there are also details on how to sign up to vote. The linked page also includes an updated list of artists and cities if you missed the ones that were released last week.

Is anyone here planning on entering the local talent search? I'm not a singer myself, but I definitely plan on voting when the time comes!

Female artists talking about Lilith Fair
no one's got it all
The Lilith Fair twitter and facebook accounts have been posting quotes from women involved in the festival for the last week or so. Here are the ones that have been posted so far:

Sarah McLachlan on Lilith Fair: "Being a part of Lilith Fair was inspiring on so many levels. Besides discovering new music everyday and sharing the stage with an incredible array of talented women, it was wonderful to see established and new artists alike have the opportunity to play in front of much larger or more diverse audiences than usual."

Miranda Lambert on Lilith Fair: “I am excited to be part of a tour that celebrates and acknowledges talented women from all genres of music, and am so proud to have the opportunity to join the prestigious line up of past female artists who have performed on Lilith Fair.”

Chairlift on Lilith Fair: “It seemed to me that when the first Lilith Fair hit in the 90s, it brought back a kind of 70s feminist mentality. This time around in 2010, Lilith has that same 20-year evocative relation with the 90s. We’re all psyched to represent, if not as a “girl group”, for the spirit of the playful and mysterious women of the new decade.”

Also, in tegan_n_sara this article was posted where Sara Quin is quoted defending the festival after negative remarks were made by St. Vincent. Here is the article where St. Vincent makes her stand against Lilith Fair. I was surprised to see her take this stance and also disappointed that she won't be included in the tour next year. While I understand that as a female artist it must be difficult to always be compared to other female musicians and lumped together with them, I don't think shunning a festival that celebrates women in music does anything to fight the male dominance in the industry. Thoughts?

Desired artists?
Jenny Lewis
I thought I would start our first discussion in this community about which artists we'd like to see perform at Lilith Fair. The first list of confirmed artists has been announced, but there has also been a promise of more artists to come. Who would you like to see added?

here's my list... it's a long one!Collapse )

What do you think? Which of these are likely, and who's on your list?


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