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The Celebration of Women in Music

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Desired artists?
Jenny Lewis
musikitty wrote in lilithfair
I thought I would start our first discussion in this community about which artists we'd like to see perform at Lilith Fair. The first list of confirmed artists has been announced, but there has also been a promise of more artists to come. Who would you like to see added?

~Rilo Kiley (or at least Jenny Lewis)
~Jenny Owen Youngs
~Lisa Hannigan
~Regina Spektor
~The Blow
~The Bird and the Bee
~She & Him
~Camera Obscura
~Imogen Heap
~The Hush Sound
~Lykke Li
~Mates of State
~St. Vincent
~Tilly and the Wall

Some of these are probably unlikely, but a girl can dream, right? I'd also love to see some Lilith alumni come back like Fiona Apple, Jewel, Lisa Loeb, and Dar Williams.

What do you think? Which of these are likely, and who's on your list?

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I vote for - Missy Higgins and KT Tunstall. If I could go a little off base from the musical style of Lilith, then I would also pick Sharleen Spiteri (as a solo artist)

I'd love to see Paula Cole come back

Jill Scott
Jenny Lewis
St. Vincent
India Arie
KT Tunstall
Imogen Heap

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