Lilith Fair

The Celebration of Women in Music

no one's got it all
Welcome to lilithfair! The internet was abuzz yesterday with the announcement of the first batch of confirmed performers for the return of Lilith Fair in 2010. Upon searching for a community with which to discuss this exciting development, I couldn't find one on livejournal! I decided to remedy this problem, and so this community was born.

My intent is not only to use this community as a platform to discuss the upcoming Lilith Fair in 2010, but also for fans to discuss past Lilith Fairs and any others that might happen in the future. Artists involved with the festival are also acceptable topics of conversation.

For now, I will post links to what has been posted so far about the 2010 Lilith Fair. The first round of cities was announced a couple months back and can be found here. Also, the aforementioned first list of confirmed musicians can be found here.

Any suggestions about how to spruce up the community (including ideas for the bio... it's a little lackluster right now!) are greatly appreciated. Thanks for stopping by!


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